The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.

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  1. ToRitO mAn

    ToRitO mAn

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    The Livestream Celebration is on my birthday lol

  2. Saeyoung Choi

    Saeyoung Choi

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    The newest comments.. I know im late but im sorry for your loss, Matt. May Ronnie rest in peace. To those who are joking around and laughing, go choke on a lego. This is human life. This is a real human grieving. Have some empathy you sadistic assholes.

  3. Soaring Eagle

    Soaring Eagle

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    Jake and Andrew... Jake from “The Real Jake” story?

  4. Yashica Williams

    Yashica Williams

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    I didn’t know dogs were so evil my gosh😅

  5. juanita beall

    juanita beall

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    Me sees the intro nostalgia let us introduce ourselves

  6. Elianah Culotta

    Elianah Culotta

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    coincidence i think not nice one

  7. Yuval Biron

    Yuval Biron

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    the simple explanation for the "yu has no shadow" thing is that he does have one. As the silent portagonist, he doesn't HAVE a side that he doesn't accept, therefore doesn't need to accept it and already has a persona, or theres an unmentioned event before the game in which he has accepted who he is

  8. Jp Rodebaugh

    Jp Rodebaugh

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    Where’s the 10 year merch? I could find it on the store

  9. Steve Riani

    Steve Riani

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    Lmao!!!!!! Idk what im saying

  10. Zender and Friends

    Zender and Friends

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    Remember when we thought this was the end? Good times.

  11. Averill Brown

    Averill Brown

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    i think the clown is an IT reference.

  12. Legogenius 22

    Legogenius 22

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    The huluplus sponsor at the end shows how poorly this video aged

  13. rosaline


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    yall should do more fnaf theories XD they are so fun to listen to while im doing chores or drawing

  14. Mostafa Kamel

    Mostafa Kamel

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    The mask is a part of my face now

  15. Mostafa Kamel

    Mostafa Kamel

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    Nice advice 👍

  16. I'm a balloon

    I'm a balloon

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    Why would I waste my time filling a coin 100 times

  17. Adventure Minecraft

    Adventure Minecraft

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    Because you bad at the games

  18. Jacob Cardo

    Jacob Cardo

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    Hey my birthday is 10 days after the 18th

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    Damian Flores

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    I just want to see some animatronics fighting each other

  20. SuperPoopybear 64

    SuperPoopybear 64

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    Hey matpat in lacrosse,baseball,tennis etc they usually use things called cups and they we used to protect your... so DO THIS AGAIN AND GET IT RIGHT .

  21. Conner Pineda

    Conner Pineda

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    Trilogy? Strange to hear that

  22. Adrian Sanda {nickname: Hopes and Dreams}

    Adrian Sanda {nickname: Hopes and Dreams}

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    Im sorry if i cant watch lifestream because we got disaster if u curios check kupang, Indonesia storm

  23. Lucas Kowarsch

    Lucas Kowarsch

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    The weather also gives you the nether stars to summon the ender dragon again I think that’s why it’s called the beginning in the beginning after the weather is the ender dragon beginning in the first beginning is the beginning of the fight

  24. Cookie Harris

    Cookie Harris

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    oh my goodness the old intro lol 0_0

  25. Ed Kelley

    Ed Kelley

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  26. Fernan Capulong

    Fernan Capulong

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    The homage to Ronnie’s animations and The old Intro Hits Different

  27. ham man

    ham man

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    even youtube knows that matpat only puts very much research into fnaf theories that youtube think it’s haha funni fnaf 🤪🤪

  28. Jackson Card

    Jackson Card

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    RIP Ronnie. You can get through it. I'm somewhat disappointed that I wasn't recommended this earlier 😟

  29. Y E S

    Y E S

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    The Game theorists? More like the gay theorists.

  30. Smoky Productions

    Smoky Productions

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    Here we go again

  31. Blue Fire

    Blue Fire

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    What about fnaf World

  32. Yaboygunner 3377

    Yaboygunner 3377

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    Map pat says vid is 10 min and I look and it’s eleven min

  33. Sam Driagin

    Sam Driagin

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    Sorrrryyyyyyyyy,,, but i kinda spoiled it for myself by pausing the script and then reciting it in front of my friends just to impress them. Thanks tho, and i cant wait for Borderlands 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever is next.

  34. Lxzy_ Mxllytxxn

    Lxzy_ Mxllytxxn

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    when i saw this i got most confused coz isn't chris or Christopher his name-

  35. Helen Finkbone

    Helen Finkbone

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    The direct stop it where you die

  36. susan borg

    susan borg

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    Cruemate there is one foxxy among us

  37. xXKing_ChaosXx Rojas

    xXKing_ChaosXx Rojas

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    Imagine people had to ask Scott in order to draw (INSERT INAPPROPRIATE THING HERE) of his characters lol

  38. florian scott

    florian scott

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    The Xbox is the Superior

  39. Peter Gazivoda

    Peter Gazivoda

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    Btw the game might center around 1-10 years after the 2nd FNAF game.

  40. Mini Films

    Mini Films

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    May pat:*thinks that because drowned attack villagers is because they use to raid them* also mat pat:*literally forgets the fact that they are zombies*

    • Mini Films

      Mini Films

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      Also also mat pat:*thinks drowned hate turtles because there pirates* Also also also mat pat:*still forgot they are zombies*

  41. Andrew Powell

    Andrew Powell

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  42. Suspicious Cheese

    Suspicious Cheese

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    I think a series of less supported but still possible “Game Hypotheses” videos could work.

  43. LunaticByte


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    Your really brave to share this with so many people

  44. Marie Hoffman

    Marie Hoffman

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  45. Angel Sanchez

    Angel Sanchez

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    What are you going to do next virus theory’s

  46. AllThingsCharlie


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    The crying child is actually Chris Afton in the brother that was we are in the foxy mass is actually Michael Afton. oh wait you probably already know this it’s 2021 😂

  47. J.R


    11 घंटे पहले

    You missed an easter egg, in ultimate custom night, one of the lines when toy chica kills you is: "where's my beak? logged in you're forehead of course" and then she laughs. That means that chica used her beak to kill someone in the sewer then she died. That also explains why glamrock chica is so dirty, the person glamrock chica attacked obviously tried to defend themselves making her dirty in the prosess.

  48. Isaac Reid

    Isaac Reid

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    Wow I never thought of that 😱

  49. kagee kao

    kagee kao

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    Well, youre already at 15 mil

  50. Gacha Tiger

    Gacha Tiger

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    If ultimate custom night is hell for William then how does me hippo tell story’s of outside of they’re trapped by Cassidy

  51. Void 64

    Void 64

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    Here’s a cookie 🍪 for everyone scrolling down the comments. I hope I brighten up the mood.

  52. lhoralee uwu

    lhoralee uwu

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    Him: * talking about the seventh book * Me who hasn't finished the second yet: w-what?

  53. T-Rex Misty

    T-Rex Misty

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    Matt Pat you need to see the new map that among us has made it might giving you more things on that lure

  54. Maisey


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    oh my god. MatPat made a wholesome video

  55. My dude

    My dude

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    You do any video except little nightmares

  56. pants


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    I think its time for matpat to look at *Intentional Game Design*

  57. Joeinc 123

    Joeinc 123

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    So that was a lie

  58. Raybox


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    who screamed?

  59. Christina Littleton

    Christina Littleton

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    Wait, if they're hostile towards adults and friendly towards kids, then how do they react around teens?

  60. MiniGamerJ4


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    5:28 sleep paralysis lol

  61. Iann Rodriguez

    Iann Rodriguez

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    im from the future and there is going to be fnaf 9

  62. The L&K Network

    The L&K Network

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    Couldn’t the game the trailer came from sue for copyright infringement?

  63. Nobody 51

    Nobody 51

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    I once saw a game ad called something like "house designer 3D" and it showed footage from minecraft of someone building a house.

  64. Limey


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    I mean YES but at least SOME good games are here

  65. Memer Snas

    Memer Snas

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    The reason Meech gained those powers was because the statues were tiny genetic clone things. Comics are strange

  66. Swaraa Dhore

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    i cant believe i have been here since 2014 that's crazy

  67. Random Artist

    Random Artist

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  68. Jakemtz06


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    Wtf out of the years of knowing Matt never once have I once seen a hate comment, probably my bad but never once have I thought of even insulting Matt, never really found a reason too

  69. Anna Pappas

    Anna Pappas

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    the dad is william/purple man

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    Anna Pappas

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    the mom is ballora/clara

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    the smallest is chris

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    the middle kid is elizabeth

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    the oldest kid is mechel

  74. Azebu :3

    Azebu :3

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    Can you do a theory on the Axolotls if there is any. Mostly bc I love them so much-

  75. Ian Ivie

    Ian Ivie

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    *sees video up to **8:56* Reaction: To show the power of Flex Tape, I cut this theory in *half!*

  76. The one named Void

    The one named Void

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    It was all a story, why didn't we think this?

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    Lol my birthday is April 30th matpat streaming is literally my gift

  78. Ishak Kanat

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    WHAT About roxy being foxy or something like that

  79. 【chewy_milky 】

    【chewy_milky 】

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    It does make sense how cb would be the next like killer because she is possess by Williams daughter and she whould want to follow in his footstep trying to make him proud of her

  80. Anna Pappas

    Anna Pappas

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    chris is the small one if u dont know his name and he is nightmare freddy he has 2 friends goldy andwait nightmare freddy oh yeah becuase i forgot what animatronic he is oof