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Physics Wallah - H C Verma - Walter L




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    Hello! Hello! Hello! Sir plzz make a video on pendulum that is behind you🙏🙏🙏

  2. Aishwary goswami

    Aishwary goswami

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    look to the pendulum behind

  3. Brave Lion

    Brave Lion

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    What that three balls were doing behind❔❔❔🤔🤔🤓

  4. DaNiSh BaNdaY

    DaNiSh BaNdaY

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    Sir my only wish is to deliver a lecture in MIT infront of U❤️.. And ease tell me what is behind u i will try to manufacture the same ☺️

  5. Krishna Singh

    Krishna Singh

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    Lots of love 💝 from Nepal sir

  6. Pritosh Sarkar

    Pritosh Sarkar

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    You are a great physicist......

  7. Pritosh Sarkar

    Pritosh Sarkar

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    We respect you from India.

  8. Mona Ebaid Kotb

    Mona Ebaid Kotb

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    Really you are my best professor ever, thanks alot, for making me and my students love physics 💜



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    Sir what is in the behind of you? Something vibrating. Wow.

  10. Hayden Rambojun

    Hayden Rambojun

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  11. Vartika Pandey

    Vartika Pandey

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    Happy birthday to him grandpa😀😀😀😀

  12. nåd sol

    nåd sol

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    Walter, you are a beautiful human being , thank you!

  13. princess A

    princess A

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    Long live walter lewin !!

  14. Gaming teaser and more

    Gaming teaser and more

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    That 3ball of pendulum in back of sir Walter are amazing sir can I know that what is that?

  15. Rishav Singh Xth a

    Rishav Singh Xth a

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    Wonderful sir

  16. Kathereit Game

    Kathereit Game

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    Happy birthday

  17. Anurag Agarwal

    Anurag Agarwal

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    what is that moving balls in the background ??

  18. Abhishek Nepal

    Abhishek Nepal

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    What a brilliant line sir, "if you hate physics it's only because you had a bad teacher" That is exactly same with my view. #THEGREATWALTERLEWIN

  19. Souvik Chatterjee

    Souvik Chatterjee

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    Love u sir from India

  20. Alex Chen

    Alex Chen

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    Allow me to salute you sir! I am so lucky to learn physics from your lectures!

  21. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

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    Lot of love from india

  22. Pradip das

    Pradip das

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    Happy birthday to your son

  23. Khaja Zuber Amin

    Khaja Zuber Amin

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    Extremely disappointed on You recommending a person Who is not a Phyiscs teacher rather a problem solver using tricky methods.What has Phyiscs got to do with this.Good that you recommend HC Verma.Why is is that because of ut indian fan base you have started talking rubbish

  24. BBQ Boys

    BBQ Boys

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  25. Emre Karadağ

    Emre Karadağ

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    When I see u, u remind me die.

  26. Ayushman Choudhury

    Ayushman Choudhury

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    My dream is to attend your class in real life for just 1 time in my life sir.

  27. Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar

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    Only legends know legend's power🙏

  28. devesh singh

    devesh singh

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    Sir what's the pendulum like mechanism behind you?? How can one make this?

  29. Dhananjay Das

    Dhananjay Das

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  30. Pro Cartooner

    Pro Cartooner

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    Sir ,I am your biggest fan.

  31. Keshi Thinks

    Keshi Thinks

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    Dear, Prof. Lewin sir, I feel ashamed of my fellow indian students. They must not have know about your great deal of contribution to physics and education. 🙏 I'm so touched and humbled by this video response. I am one of the millions of fans that you have in India, sir. I truely respect you and believe in physics and also you, sir. I'm glad that we're friends 😇🍷



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    Sir he is H.C.Verma not M.C.Verma 1:22

  33. Vichu2005g


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    no one talks about the weirdly moving pendulum at the back ground. It makes me distracted.

  34. zenil kapadia

    zenil kapadia

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    How the ball is rotating itself behind him

  35. Brian Nguyen

    Brian Nguyen

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    As an american, it is very difficult to understand indian dialect lol, I've tried buuuut it is quite difficult. I appreciate all the scientific contributions youve made! Thank you for existing!

    • Vichu2005g


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      Thank you for existing? LMAO

  36. Rishabh Tiwari

    Rishabh Tiwari

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    @walter Lewin Sir why current is not decreased when it passes through resistor as resistor offers obstructions ?

    • Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.

      Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.

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      watch my 8.02 lectures, that's what they are for.

  37. JS Gaming

    JS Gaming

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    There are Pakistani 🇵🇰 fans also

  38. Atulya Akshara

    Atulya Akshara

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    Sir, What is that ball thing behind you beside the Budha?

  39. Malik Essadi

    Malik Essadi

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    I can’t keep my eyes away from the moving pendants, it’s giving me heading



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  40. Priya verma Priya verma

    Priya verma Priya verma

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    Yes sir love for you may god bless you

  41. coder


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    Hello from Turkey

  42. Mithrahee Zor-El

    Mithrahee Zor-El

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    ... YT makes so single from professorship? 🤔

  43. Kaushik Adhikari

    Kaushik Adhikari

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    Two legends

  44. monkerud2108


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    yeah, there is direct and indirect collaboration, like the difference between reading someones book and working on one with them, you allready are collaborating with people in the first sense, this whole internet thing is like an interactive book, doesn’t mean everything has to be back and forth between everyone :) i really enjoyed your lectures and channel, that’s plenty to contribute. what we mean when we say something like stand alone is really more like a singular effort embedded in a history of all kinds of collaborations and singular efforts :) and it all feeds into itself anyway, hopefully with more positive outcomes than side effects.

    • Atulya Akshara

      Atulya Akshara

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      What is that thing behind him.....beside the Budha?

  45. monkerud2108


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    the lectures are great :) 👍🏻

  46. Pranav Sutar

    Pranav Sutar

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    The full videos I was just saying the dancing balls . I want that setup!!!

  47. Legend Anuj

    Legend Anuj

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    Practical physics - interesting. 👍 Numerical physics - destructing 🥺

  48. Poda Rogue

    Poda Rogue

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    The best there’ll ever be, Walter Lewin.

  49. 201 201

    201 201

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    Del Bang!!!!! al Pang!!!!!

  50. Boba msd

    Boba msd

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    **I see HCV in the title** **I click**

  51. MithilanchalGroup


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    May you live long

  52. Muhammad Aamir

    Muhammad Aamir

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    Sir we love you a lot love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  53. Challenge- 1M Subscribers for 1 Video

    Challenge- 1M Subscribers for 1 Video

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    M from India, I have no idea who he is, I came here cause the topic says H C Verma

  54. Lofi Wurld

    Lofi Wurld

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    Apologies from electro booom lol

  55. Priyanshu Sharma

    Priyanshu Sharma

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    *Hi Hi*

  56. Priyanshu Sharma

    Priyanshu Sharma

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  57. Vinaya Joshi

    Vinaya Joshi

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    Sir you are great... I do watch your lectures when I don't understand a particular topic ... Thank you so much sir🙏❤️

  58. Rahul Yadav

    Rahul Yadav

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    u r a hero sir

  59. Rahul Yadav

    Rahul Yadav

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    love u sir

  60. abhishek experiment

    abhishek experiment

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    How was seeing on bihind pendulam



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    What is that thing behind him ?

  62. Anima Corner

    Anima Corner

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    Sir please come in our country, we will welcome you with great respect and love❤️ .

  63. Muck2014


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    Thank you so much Sir you are an inspiration! I like that chaotic oscillator.

  64. peter parker parker

    peter parker parker

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    Love you Walter lewin sir, Respect++



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    Do you know, what make me sad?, your age is increasing day by day 😣😞😞😞😞😞😞

    • Devara Varun Devara Varun

      Devara Varun Devara Varun

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      Old is gold bro

  66. please be you

    please be you

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    Hey I'm a science student .now preparing myself for medical admission..I never understood physics.idk why.i want to but no one ever made me understand that. nd as a result I hate physics . Physics has ruined my academic life..not just me..I think most of the kids think the same.i saw most of them crying after physics exams.

  67. Haridas Dukare

    Haridas Dukare

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    India is going to become a knowledge superpower.



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    Wow sir! You are a great and humble personality 🙏🙏

  69. 31pranesh n9a

    31pranesh n9a

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    sir you are great

  70. Dibakar Mallick

    Dibakar Mallick

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    Yes I want

  71. sriman mishra

    sriman mishra

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    Sir, you are also very very very famous here in INDIA. Everyone knows THE WALTER LEWIN, the best ever physics professor of our time. I am your very big fan. I don't know if it is possible but I really want to meet you. That's one of my eternal wishes.

  72. Shiny Samson

    Shiny Samson

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    Yes,we do love HC Verma Sir and his book...we just don't love solving questions from his book.😂😂

    • Shubham Sulakhe

      Shubham Sulakhe

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      why It's interesting 😅

  73. Uttam Dayal

    Uttam Dayal

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    Sir i am also from India... And my subject is not physics...but i love to study physics...the way you teach🤗🤗🤗🤗

    • Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.

      Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.

      24 दिन पहले

      That's great

  74. Anandita Roy

    Anandita Roy

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    Alakh sir + H C Verma sir+ Walter Lewin sir =love of physics❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. F-ing LogIc

    F-ing LogIc

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    Respect ❤️

  76. Karthik Balaji

    Karthik Balaji

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    1:21 MC Verma???

  77. Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar

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    Thanks sir I am from India, you are great sir.

  78. Avishkar Chothwe

    Avishkar Chothwe

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    A legendary physics lectures . Sir i want to touch your feet. 🙏🙏🙏

  79. JEE Main & Advance 2022

    JEE Main & Advance 2022

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    i love you sir

  80. Ab teyeb

    Ab teyeb

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  81. or.bhai.hain!!!


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    Pendulums distracting me 😆😆

  82. Dhanjit kalita

    Dhanjit kalita

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    Sir, i started to loving physics beacause of you and also alakh sir.

  83. tushar padhy

    tushar padhy

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    Love from india

  84. Shubham Mishra

    Shubham Mishra

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    Agree ! Best Wishes, may you have healthy and prosperous life!🙏🖖

  85. Paryul Jain

    Paryul Jain

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    Unacademy is shocked now... Namo Kaul sir is also a great teacher btw ...

  86. Prateek Tiwari

    Prateek Tiwari

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    Thankyou so much sir

  87. abhishek kumar saini

    abhishek kumar saini

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    Sir, you are famous in India as well.

  88. Hydra Of Malice

    Hydra Of Malice

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    I am getting goosebumps reading this. And this is just the trailer and the best alkh sir you chose the best topic.

  89. Maher Kezbari

    Maher Kezbari

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    Can't stop looking at the double pendulum 😳

  90. round tech cycle

    round tech cycle

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    One other man Khan GS 😗🤗🤗🤗

    • round tech cycle

      round tech cycle

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      Khan sir is a legend in GS

  91. Sohail Ansari

    Sohail Ansari

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    Love from india

  92. Chandraveer Kumar Yadav

    Chandraveer Kumar Yadav

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    Sir, HC Verma has done tremendous work, And physics wala is on the way to do something great,and doing great , providing almost free education on his INtwo Channel. It's not about who is approaching whom. You are also doing great .I have also seen your many videos sir.

  93. Ajay Grover

    Ajay Grover

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    Sir , I don't know what is that but throughout the video my focus was on that tri-balls, cause it has uncertainty in movement sir I want know something about that could u plz mail me some information about that on my Gmail:- ayushmanit1@gmail.com And I hope u elaborate it for me. Thanking you sir. A viewer From india.



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    you're famous not only in India but all over the world.🙏🙏



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    I love you too sir.😊😊 🙏

  96. Kabbo Syed

    Kabbo Syed

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    What a nice guy

  97. vineet kumar

    vineet kumar

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    Love for physics Love and respect for your work from india

  98. Kaustubh Lambe

    Kaustubh Lambe

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    N V sir also ❤️

  99. Muktiprateek Das

    Muktiprateek Das

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    I have seen your lectrue your style is amazing.looking forward to meet you live sir.

  100. Muktiprateek Das

    Muktiprateek Das

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    I wold love to learn from you sir.